Here's what some students in our community are pledging to do to keep themselves and others safe.

Scroll to see what teens in Santa Barbara County have pledged to do to help reduce COVID-19 cases in their community!


I miss being able to see family. Recently my grandma suffered a major heart attack and due to COVID-19 I am unable to visit her. I pledge to consistently wear my mask to keep others safe and lower the spread.

Kaili Falk

Junior High Students in the SBUnified District who have Pledged


Ceci Mock

"I'm Ceci Mock, and I have been helping stop the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask in public and washing my hands."

Ella Dameron

"I have only seen friends outdoors and I’ve been wearing a mask and social distancing."

Auston Johnson

"I am wearing a mask ALL TIME when outside, sometimes visit a couple friends (same friends), I am avoiding large groups, when hanging out with friends I wear a mask, I do not eat food in public near people, I stay six feet with unknown people and relatives (especially older ones)"

Kian Strenn

"I have a great passion for helping the community return to the red-tier. I wear a mask whenever I leave the house and I only interact with my friends during outdoor activities. I also talk to my friends and family over zoom to stay connected."


Sophie Moore

"I promise to avoid large gatherings, wear a mask in public and stay socially distanced."

Katja Broomberg

"I have been helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying home and maintaining six feet of social distancing. "

Alina King

"I have been helping stop the spread of COVID-19 by staying six feet away from my peers and wearing a mask when I am in a public setting."

Nathan Juarez

"To lower the cases of COVID-19 I will not attend large family gatherings. I will wear my mask when out in public. I will also Wash my hands regularly to stop the spread of COVID. And finally if I’m feeling sick I will stay home and quarantine myself from my family."


Eloisa Koroshec

"I pledge to not gather with anyone that is not in my household. I pledge to wear a mask in public places and to be 6 feet apart from people who I don’t live with. I also pledge to encourage others to do the same thing!"

Rama Altayyeb

"What I’m doing to lower COVID-19 cases is wearing a mask whenever I’m outside or doing something socially active. I Social distance and I hang out with a small group of friends. I wash my hands for an hour after each activity I do."

Judith Figueroa

"Social Distancing."

Grace Gerenser

"I always wear a mask, wash my hands often, stay 6ft apart and only see people in small groups."


High School Students in the SBUnified District who have Pledged


Sierra Chesluk

"I wear a mask, social distance, avoid large groups"

Hattie Ugoretz

"I am wearing a mask, social distancing, and staying at home as much as possible."

Alannah Cetti

"What I am doing to lower the COVID-19 cases is by wearing a mask whenever in public, washing my hands for 20 seconds or longer frequently, social distancing, practicing COVID safe guidelines at work and staying home."

Melissa Vargas

"Social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, and wearing a mask when in public"


Kaylee Burwell

"I am wearing masks, distancing, not seeing very many people, staying in sb, and staying low key"

Kavya Sresh

"I am wearing a mask wherever I go, and I have not attended any social gatherings since March 13. I am staying at home unless it is necessary for me to go out, too."

Kyla Aberg

"wearing a mask when I am out in public, staying home as much as possible, choosing activities that are socially distanced."

Percy Rodriguez

"I’ve actually cared about the guidelines, there’s a lot I have to say, I always wear a mask and my family as well wear a mask..."


Davis Flanagin

"I've been wearing a mask and not participating in larger social events."

Makena Shlens

"Wearing a mask and staying outdoors while doing small group hangouts. With social distancing too."

Dulce Cobian Flores

"Wearing a mask, staying at home and practice social distance with all the community."

Anastasia Holguin

"Wearing a mask and keeping to family in town visits only no traveling"


Bridget DeVine

"Wearing a mask, enforcing mask wearing at my job, social distancing with everyone outside of my household and boyfriend, washing my hands frequently and sanitizing after touching anything..."

Ricardo Rodriguez

“Cleaning my house drinking hot tea.”

Andria Chandler

"I wear a mask when going out, social distance, only hang out in small groups limited to 3 people at maximum, and wash my hands and use hand sanitizer frequently."

Sam Schley

"I have been staying home with my family, and when I go out, I wear a mask and social distance, I have been hanging out with my friends online, and only online."


Graciela Fuentes

"avoiding traveling, unessential outings, and large gatherings... wearing a mask and social distancing!"

Samuel Peacock

"I always wear my mask...If I'm with friends it's always in a group no larger than 3 or 4 people. I social distance and take care of myself as well with exercise and eating healthy."

Lucy Mendesh

"Wearing a mask whenever I leave my house and only seeing people in a very small group with masks on."

Olivia Miller

"Wearing a mask, social distancing, only seeing people outside, moving all extra curricular activities to zoom"


Griffin Wright

"I have been avoiding seeing people as much as possible, and the few times that I’ve seen friends, we’ve socially distanced with masks on..."

Ian Ferguson

"Always wearing a mask when I leave my house and avoiding people not in my immediate family."

Quinn Davis

"I am limiting the number of people I come in contact with by quarantining with my family alone and wearing masks..."

Jenna Hagedorn

"I’ve been wearing a mask, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, washing my hands, and posting the hope for red pledge on my Instagram account story."


Celine Wagner

“Avoiding groups of people/places that I can't social distance, generally social distancing, wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer before and after going in stores…”

Angela Osornio

"Social distancing, remaining 6ft apart from others as well as keeping my mask on whenever i go outside. Ive also been sanitizing any surface that has been touched by me or others!"

Sophia Boemler

“Wearing a mask, social distancing and following curfew.”

Benjamin King

"I am wearing a mask, socially distancing, staying home, not going in crowded areas, and running away in fear from people without masks."


Charlotte Sinclair

"Where a mask, social distance, avoid large groups, wash hands!!!!"

Daisy Foreman

"not hang out with people outside of my household indoors"

David Rose

"Social distance and wear masks and stay at home"

Elizabeth Butler

"i am social distancing and wearing a mask, and will continue to do so as well as being courteous of other people’s needs..."


Rebecca Lennon

"I wear a mask, avoid large groups, social distance, and don’t travel"

Enrique Ramirez

"Always wearing a mask and bringing hand sanitizer when I leave the house and staying 6 feet away from everyone"

Lily Ann Nixon

"Avoiding large groups"

Logan Stevenson

"I avoid gatherings. The only time I am with a group of 3 or 4 is during hitting practice and during that 2 day a week event I always where a mask."


Emily Pineda

“I am avoiding large gatherings, wearing a mask out in public, and social distancing!”

Santiago Lupi

“Wearing a mask, avoiding large groups, canceling plans for the holidays, not getting my hair cut.”

Miguel Zamarripa

"Wearing a mask, after i go somewhere i quarantine, get tested."

Nate Vance

"I’m enforcing COVID-safe restrictions at my place of work, like mask-wearing, social distancing, and sanitization."


Vardan Olbrish

"Wearing a mask and avoiding large groups of people."

Sarah Errea

"Wearing a mask"

Ramon Leon Catalan

"I think we should always wear a mask and stay home when you feel sick or actually just stay home and don’t come out unless you need food or things you need for your house."

Megan Balents

"avoiding groups, distancing, always wearing a mask unless i’m in my house"


Trevor Meza

"Not hanging with people"

Rylee Cathcart

"Staying at home"

Samsara Chahine

"Wearing a mask and social distancing at all times when near people outside of my direct family. Also avoiding large groups and gatherings!"

Felipe Herrera Alonso

"Staying inside and wear a mask when going outside and distancing away from large events and groups."


Megan Balents

"avoiding groups, distancing, always wearing a mask unless i’m in my house"

Eduardo Miranda Herrera

"I always wear a mask and avoid large groups of people"

Isela Frausto

"Do as I usually do, I rarely go outside unless its important and when I do I wear my mask. I only ever see one friend and even then thats rare.”

Paul Sandoval

"Wearing a mask when I go outside for a run or to a store. Staying home and keeping busy with school work and at home workouts. Not hanging out with anybody during this pandemic."


Gavin Tallman

"Social distancing, wearing a mask, avoiding gatherings, and being safe, etc."

Josue Castro Ibarra

"Social distance"

Brooklyn Ayala

“I wear my mask when I leave the house. I social distance and avoid large crowds as best I can. I also wash my hands and wipe down doorknobs.”

Nico Crawford

"Not going outside into crowds when I really don't need to, and when I do have to, I wear a mask"


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